donderdag 6 juni 2013

Shine 'o shine!

So I was looking for a nice chrome polish. On most forums people would be 'dude you should get yourself a bottle of 'Brasso' metal polish'. Now the problem was, I can't find Brasso metal polish anywhere so decided to go with an alternative.

Turtle Wax Chrome & Metal polish. I got to say, oh suprised I was.
Anyways my wheel cover is chrome, and was in a pretty bad shape. You can see how it looked like on the pictures. Small rusty spots, didnt look shiny at all and all sorts of gross sludge or I don't know. It probably never was polished since like 18 years which is also the age of my Van.
Anyways the instructions are pretty simple. Just get some cloth/whatever to get the polish on to the surface, put it on, let it work for a minute or two and wipe it off with clean (microfiber) cloth.
Ofcourse that's not how I used it.
I got it on a piece of paper towel and after putting it on started 'polishing' or rubbing the polish onto the surface in circular movements.

After a few turns the gray paste starts to wipe off, then you just take another clean paper towel and wipe it off completely. If you still see some spots, repeat, and at the end wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Boy was I suprised. I made a little comparison pictures for you with some tape so you can compare the polished area and the 'non-polished' area. More pics below.

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